Sports Management (BA)

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General information of the programme

Duration / Credits: 6 semesters / 180 Credits
Academic Degree: Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Qualification Level: Bachelor (First Cycle)
Mode of Study: Full-Time, part-time

Supplemental Examinations:
P.E. matriculation
Or: Examination to demonstrate suitable physical fitness must be completed satisfactorily before admission to the study programme.

Qualification Profile and Skills
Sports play a considerable role in the economy (sporting goods industry, tourism, sporting events). The sports world, characterized by multifaceted organizations and associations and wide-ranging commercial providers, requires considered organizational structuring that can only be achieved by specialists. Graduates of the Bachelor's

Programme Sports Management acquire the following qualifications and knowledge for practical application in vocational fields:
• Core subjects of sports science: anathomy, training science, sports education, sports psychology, sports sociology, medical and historical basics of sports science
• Business and economic fundamentals: accounting and bookkeeping, management, marketing, commercial decisions
• Fundamentals of sports management, including project experience, sports marketing and sports economics, event management
• Sports-related legal fundamentals
• Practical experience and abilities in basic sports, recreational sports, and various trend sports
• Knowledge and application of didactic and organizational fundamentals
• Communicative abilities and presentation techniques
• Specialization. recreational tourism and event management

Future Prospects
Occupational Profiles and Career Opportunities: Specific vocational fields for graduates of the Bachelor's Programme Sports Management include the sporting goods industry, tourism and recreational sports, event management, public administration, sports centre management, promotion of events and athletes, commercial sports providers, company sports, association and organization management, health care centre management, resorts and fitness studios.

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