Sports and Recreation Management

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General informations

Programme starts form the academic year 2017/2018
Name and level of the obtainable qualification in the programme
- Sports Manager
- Recreation Manager and Health Promoter
- Eligible specialisations: Sports Manager, Recreation Manager and Health Promoter
- Level of the qualification: bachelor degree (BSc).
Discipline: sports sciences
Duration of the programme: 6 semesters
Number of required credits in the programme: 180 credits

Aim of the programme and professional competences
The purpose of this programme is to train experts in Recreation Management and Health Promotion as well as Sports Management. Experts possess established theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, hence they are able to fulfil an organizational and promotional role in the field of sports and recreation. Experts fulfil tasks through the given opportunities of recreational and sports activities in sports associations; health, social and educational institutions; also civil organisations. Experts are capable of planning and managing the available resources, moreover experienced in social just as economical factors and processes influencing sports. Experts know and apply the complex mechanism of physical and sport activities which influence health and lifestyle culture. By means of experts' skills regarding the discipline and management, they contribute to the development and enrichment of sports, recreational and mental hygiene culture. Experts are prepared for continue their studies at masters level.

Details of the programme
The programme starts with a joint training period, which contains 2 semesters. Number of the required credits in this part of the programme: 60 (credits). From the third semester students continue their training on specialisations.
The concerned disciplines of science during the training are sports sciences, organizational and management science, economic science, health science, social science, studies of general knowledge and optional courses in the fields of recreation and sports management.
During the programme students fulfil an at least 200 hours internship in health spa institutions, hotels, sports associations, fitness rooms or community centres.


Details of the specialisations
Students following the specialisation Sports Management based on their acquired knowledge regarding the disciplines of sport science, sports management and economic science are capable of planning the available resources and applying effectively their knowledge connected to economy, organization, management and law. Moreover they are able to fulfil duties as administrators, managers or directors at sports associations and institutions, local authorities, individual enterprises or partnerships of sports and recreational centres.
Students following the specialisation Recreation Manager and Health Promoter based on their acquired knowledge regarding the disciplines of sports science, health science and recreation management are capable of creating and developing the conditions of health and lifestyle culture, in different social, health and educational institutions and civil organisations. Moreover they are able to fulfil duties as organizers, managers, animators and instructors at different institutions connected to sports and recreation.

Program is download here: Sports and Recreation Management

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