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General objectives of the teacher training:

Fields of training: teacher training
Contact: Dr. Bognár József
Tel: 36/520-488
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The general objectives of the teacher training

The training is designed for school education - education and school education - to acquire teaching qualifications preparatory vocational education sections of grades, in adult education in physical education classes to teach, train the performance of the school's educational tasks capable teachers, they know who have acquired skills and competencies, possession integrate during training professional and pedagogical - psychological insights. Capable of physical education teaching - learning process of planning, organizing, managing, physical education and sport literacy, health, lifestyle, physical skills in cultural raising of and ability to develop, improve, and in doctoral training to continue their studies.

The training

General teaching and specific technical expertise related to qualifications of practical knowledge, skills, attitudes learning, practicing, to get acquainted with the world of employment. The school and teachers inside the school complex, the educational system of learning tasks and school surrounding social, legal environment, and knowledge of public educational institutions within the education field conditions.
The training serves modern approach to teaching physical skills (both traditional and new, recreational sports), based on a versatile, health-conscious, extensive sporting knowledge acquisition. The first three years of the 4 + 1, or the same as the 5 + 1 year of training.


a, Basic knowledge of subject matter (biological and health sciences funds)
b, Sport theoretical knowledge,
c, Sportage skills (in different sports practice and methodology, recreation, camps).
The fourth teacher training and secondary school physical education differentiated 4 and 5 years. Various blocks of content:
a, (the curricular and extra-curricular sports organization, management) Methodology module,
b, special professional tasks (. Talent management, integrated physical education, etc.),
c, optional module.

Graduation requirements: physical education

(Advanced level)
(Motor aptitude test and career guidance talk)

Educational time:

4 + 1 primary school, secondary school 5 + 1
Language requirements:A master's degree to obtain official languages of the European Union and the United Nations (UN), at least one state-approved secondary level (B2), a complex type of exam or equivalent graduation certificate or diploma is required.

Job opportunities after the completion of the undivided teacher training:

The certified physical education teachers in elementary and secondary school physical education teachers perform any task. Due to the introduction of physical education hours every day continuously for more physical education teachers are required.


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