Personal experience and sport life in Eger

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We can read a brief summary of an Erasmus student's, José Daniel Gil Pérez experinces here in Eszterházy Károly College, Eger

Since the first semester I have been related to the Sport Department due to some of my subjects in my home institution, ULPGC. Before coming to Eger, I knew that it was going to be a great experience to try new sports and later apply them in my professional life because the few Sport subjects I have in my original curriculum are too general, just to build a base to work with into the Primary School. Excited with the wider sport offer, I started first with Handball, Athletics, Swimming and Aerobics.

I'm not a ball-games guy, but always Handball has been really striking for me, so I decided to try it. I'm really happy about the decision, Handball is a quite difficult and fast sport since you don't have plenty of time to stand with the ball thinking what will be the next strategy, also the teacher made me feel like at home from the first moment being really talkative and careful with me.

Also I was extremely curious about Athletics, its different components, its techniques and its training system. I had never tried this sport, but I'm really interested in Long Jumpers and Sprinters. I think Athletics is an important and incredible sport which can help every athlete to develop useful skills which can be transferred to other sports.
Regarding Swimming, I joined a club for 3 years when I was 10 years old and I thought maybe could be good to retake this hobby. Honestly... maybe it wasn't one of the best decision, after more than 10 years without swimming in a serious way I realized that I had lost all my swimming skills and endurance in the water. The tests I had during the semester were really hard and challenging, but even so I'm really proud of myself because I pass the subject with a quite good mark.

The last taken subject in the first semester was Aerobics, early in the morning every week to start the day with a different face! I took it having in mind that it would be a super easy subject to pass, but not really. The teacher, Müller Anetta, made the subject a personal challenge for me, when push-ups, abs or squats appeared in the routine she didn't stop till I tasted the floor's flavour. It was a pleasure to have those "fights" and realize that I need more and more training!

In the second semester I changed a little bit my studies, so I could keep having Sport subjects in my curriculum. This time I focused more in things that I already knew and I love, but also I tried to keep developing my abilities in ball-games, so I joined Basketball, Handball II, Artistic Gymnastics I & II and Yoga.
It has been quite long time without playing Basketball and what I remembered as an easy game for me turned into other challenge more to deal with. The classes were truly dynamic and gave me a lot of new knowledge about unknown techniques, also what I enjoyed most was the weekly match before finishing every class because my classmates were serious and I really appreciate that! As well as classes, the tests were challenging... specially the free shots test! But in the end I have passed the subject with a good mark, so I'm happy!
In Handball II we deal with new issues, new moves and skills and new challenges. But the teacher kept being as nice as always explaining me everything I needed, so I worked hard to pass the practical tests and now I just need to do the final effort to pass the theoretical exam and get my mark.

 About Gymnastics I & II it couldn't be better. When I was 15 years old I was training with the best team from Canary Islands, my speciality was floor and mini-tramp, but because of some problems my career finished faster than I wanted. Now with this classes I have had the opportunity to try for first time different apparatus as rings or pommel horse and retaking that slightly forgotten love from my childhood.

Lastly, Yoga was other big surprise for me. Newly I was expecting a really soft and maybe boring class, but anyway I wanted to take because of big curiosity. I have read about how Yoga can help to improve athletes in others sports and your own health and because of this I have been always curious about this discipline. Finally I could try Yoga thanks to Bodolai Mónika, classes were so energetic that I get captivated since the first lesson, now I have a really big motivation to start practicing Yoga in a more serious way when I return back to Spain and implement in my life style the knowledge and wisdom of Yoga.

In addition I would like to introduce a little bit more about myself and how difficult has been for me to deal with the life here in Eger according to my main sport, Parkour. I have been travelling around Spain and Canary Islands very often to meet new people who trains Parkour, discovering new spots with new challenges to achieve and keep learning about myself through shared experiences. By this reason I was completely excited about my new life here in Eger, but week per week I realized that I couldn't train as I like and I have had to modify my regular routine supplying Parkour hours with more gym and gymnastics time, things that I also enjoy but can't fill my essence as Parkour does. Anyway, this experience has lead me to appreciate more the things I have and the things I love, developing my creativity to keep training even in spots that don't have what I look for and also focus my trainings in technique and balance which are going to be decisive for future challenges.

To conclude, I'm attaching here a video which my friends have edited for me with some trainings we recorded 2 years ago and let you know something more about my passion:

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