national adopted physical education conference

last modification : 2018. november 29.

Budapest, ELTE

This year, ELTE hosted second time the national adopted physical education conference in Budapest. The conference consisted of two parts, during the morning lectures we heard theoretical lectures, and in the afternoon we gained practical experience at the various programs. The main theme of the conference was how the NETFIT measurement system can be use in adopted physical education. In addition, the lecturers dealt with questions about what special measurement methods could be helpful in healing. The presenters showed us the scoliometer and the diagnostic procedure of the vertebrae mause, have been presented in practice and in theory. The 22nd District Pedagogical Service staff has introduced measurement techniques that help students who has to go the adapted physical education in everyday life. The conference was spectacular and interesting, and summarized the present measurement possibilities and their usability in the field of adapted physical education. Our University was represented by Dr. Piroska Béki at the event.

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