Details about Water camp

last modification : 2017. március 17.

Detailed information about Water camp

Camp leader: Gábor Szalay, ajdunct professor,

Assisting teachers: Gyula Széles-Kovács, János Seres, Imre Juhász
Criterion of camp registration: degree program of undivided teacher, PE teacher- coach, recreation manager: NBT_TN152K2, LBT_TN152K2;
Degree program of sportmanager: NBT_SM127G2

Programs of the camp:
-Arriving to the camp
- Self-rescue
- Free-water swimming
- Presentation about what are the rules of water
-Treatment of the canoe
- Cirle the island
- Hiking
- Presentation about safe camping
- morning tour
- practising
- dragon boat (ebben nem vagyok biztos)
- all-day tour
- camp games, leisure programs
- Races
- Camp closure, award ceremony
- Organizing the camp neatness
- Leaving the camp

Necessary equipment: 2 swimmingdresses/trunks, 2 towels, against sunburn: suncream, white T-shirt or shirt, summer hat, rainproof clothing, thongs, warm clothes (possibly 2 changes), flashlight, sleeping bag, lingerie, personal hygiene supplies, toiletpaper, mosquito repellent, glass, pocket knife, polifoam seat, individually necessary medicines, money for spending
Demand of certifications: from the websito of the Sport Science Institute you can download the "Statment of the water camp", after filling and signing, bring it to the Sport Office till 2017. jún 1.

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