conference workshop

last modification : 2018. november 29.

25. October 2018

The International Olympic Committee (IOC), on October 25, 2018, dealt with a model of athletes' dual career in a conference workshop. The speakers gave the following questions to the suggestions:
• Who am I?
• What is the school as a supportive medium?
• What kind of job can I fit?
• What kind of communication solutions help you to work?
• Which community interfaces should you register?
The conference highlighted interesting solutions such as the close relationship between personality and find a job, the learning difficulties of the period of the Olympic preparation, and the management of athletes' self-knowledge problems. Several MOB representatives attended at the workshop under the leadership of Attila Mizsér. 8 players from different sport (football, boxing, bicycles, athletics, rg, rugby, water polo, handball) and sportsmen with disability attended the event. Our University and the boxing sport was represented by Dr. Piroska Béki.

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