Conference for Hungarian Pedagogy 2018

last modification : 2018. november 14.

Colleagues of the Department on Conference

The 18th Conference for Hungarian Pedagogy was held between 8 and 10 November, 2018 in Budapest. From our department Éva Fodor and Veronika Tóthné Vojtkó gave their presentations. Details of the lectures:
authors: Éva Fodor, László Révész
title: Pedagogical aspects of planning nature trails for kids
section: Health and environmental education
authors: Veronika Tóthné Vojtkó, Balázs Fügedi, László Révész
title: Analysis of international Olympic education programmes
section: International aspects, comparative studies: Educational systems and programmes
The abstracts of the presentations can be downloaded from:
Congratulations to the presenters, we wish them further success!

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