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Sport science institute of history, the presentation

The Debrecen, founded in 1948, and in 1949 migrated to Eger college physical education department worked from the first moment in which nearly 4,000 physical education teachers have been trained so far.
Already the trend continued during the daytime and correspondence courses. In 1964, they developed expertise in traditional couples: geography, physical education, biology and physical education, mathematics and physical education. It later expanded the range of professional couples: a physical education degree will be paired with mathematics, Englishman, with French, Germans and Hungarians as well. Since 1997 a temporary full-time physical education teacher training will also be launched.

The Institute of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Department of Physical Education was established in 2003 as a successor to three departments. The institute is currently university and college level education physical education teacher, coach and physical education, sportmanager and recreation basic training is taking place, part-time and full-time training form.

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