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Presentation of the infrastructure

The university is equipped with modern lecture halls, seminar premises, laboratories has. 117 classrooms, auditoriums, and 26 laboratories promotes the teaching job. The University is a billion forints sports infrastructure development, investment has been made. Today, we have become one of the top educational institutions with the best sports facilities in the country.
Department of Sport Science and its Sport facilities at the Leányka street campus in beautiful surroundings.

The college sports facilities
The college sports hall

Indoor sports facilities

- 1-plan arena 28x48 m sports hall, a grandstand for 200 people, six changing rooms, medical, coach, referee rooms, a restaurant and an amplifier seminar rooms. The arena is divided into three sections by curtains at a time suitable for up to three hours to keep balls as well.
- 1 x 36x18-meter gymnasium, gymnastics branded drugs, three large dressing room and a 6x12-meter dance room.
- 1 x 52x8 m, running facilities, long jump and high jump space.
- 1 tennis hall containing 1 plastic-covered tennis court, squash court, 2, sauna, solarium, table tennis room, aerobics room, a fitness room, a snack bar.
- 1 Fitness Centre: 150 m2 new, brand name strengthening equipment furnished to 12 people aerobics / martial arts room, a sauna, instrumentation equipped sports-physiological physiology laboratories.

Outdoor tennis court in the college houses and apartments

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